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‘Teeth Nails’ Are The New Fashion Trend And I’m Creeped Out To Say The Least

Whether your nails are long, short, bright, sparkly or nude, the newest fashion trend to invade the nail industry are none other than the pearly whites you use to tear steak and chew chips.

If you’re confused, you should be.

The newest fashion trend to hit social media are “teeth nails” and these acrylics are designed to look like well, teeth.

Courtesy of @aleksanailsart

Now of course these set of nails are not made from real teeth (we’re hoping), but each nail is designed to look like a real tooth and needless to say, they’re hideous looking.

From what it looks like, some individuals who ask for the trending teeth design get different shapes and sizes to make every tooth look different, similar to the inside of your mouth.

Courtesy of @colors_ai

Some have even included pink gums at the base of the nail for a more, realistic look… I guess?

Courtesy of @sojinails

For now I think it’s safe to say that this nail trend should be nixed completely.

Courtesy of @homarelll

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