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Texas in Two Weeks

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It hit me a while back: we live in this big, gorgeous state and though we’ve taken a few day excursions, my daughter has no idea how much Texas has to offer. That’s why I decided to take my first ever RV road trip. I’ll be honest here: I’ve lived in Texas most of my life and until I started planning this trip I had no idea just how much this state has to offer! That being said, I’ve decided to share my trip planning with all of you. I want you to see exactly how much fun you can have in Texas in Two Weeks. Happy Travels!

Texas in Two Weeks

Texas in Two Weeks Itinerary:

Day one: Denton to Tyler: 135 Miles
Tyler, Texas is home to so many amazing attractions from a state park to a tiger refuge to the largest municipal rose garden in the state. But this trip is for my daughter, so while I definitely want to eventually do all those things with her, this is a pitstop and there are two places in particular I want her to see: Children’s Park and Rocket Fizz. This Children’s Park has all sorts of fun statues for kids to climb on, a flowing stream, bridges, and plenty of room to run around – a perfect stop for my energetic nine-year-old. Rocket Fizz is a bright, colorful candy store where thousands of candies are sold by the pound. We’re going to need provisions for our trip, so this is the perfect place to get them!

Tyler to Karnack: 77 Miles
The real focus of today’s journey is Caddo State Park where we’ll take a canoe or boat down Caddo Lake through a swampy grove of Cypress trees and later enjoy some of the state’s best catfish right on the water at Riverbend Restaurant. We’ll spend a couple of hours exploring the area before heading to Hidden Acres RV Park, where we’ll spend the night.

Since this is our first RV trip ever, I’m super excited to meet other families and for my daughter to spend time with other kiddo’s who are enjoying the adventure of the open road! After this excitement-filled first day, it’ll be nice to kick back and enjoy some marshmallows roasted over a campfire.

texas in two weeks

Day Two: Karnack to Lufkin: 111 Miles
Today will take us to Ellen Trout Zoo where visit with the over 500 housed animals, hang out with the free-roaming peacocks, and take a lazy train ride on the Z & OO Railroad around the zoo and across Ellen Trout Lake. While in Lufkin we’ll be sure to visit the Milagros Tea House. My daughter has never been to a tea house before and with it’s charming decor, amazing menu, and child-friendly atmosphere I think Milagros Tea House will be an adventure all by itself.

Our evening in Lufkin will be spent at the Lufkin RV Resort where we’ll enjoy free wi-fi, a park, a fishing pond, rally room, and even wash up the clothes we wore on Caddo Lake in the Resort’s laundry facility.

texas in two weeks

Day Three: Lufkin to Houston: 120 Miles
Houston, we’re having a fabulous trip. That’s right! For day three we’ve got plans to visit Space Center Houston where we’ll see the Starship Gallery, take a tram tour, visit the Living in Space exhibit, visit the Astronaut Gallery, and experience what it feels like to be on a ship heading into space at the Blast Off! Theater. There are plenty of places to eat on location, so I’ll leave it up to my daughter to pick from selections like: Blast-Off Bistro, South of the Martian Border, Moon Wok, Solar Salad, and Launch Foods.

Before planning this trip, I had no idea how much RV parks and resorts had to offer. It’s incredible! Not only are the people on their own RV trips super sweet and helpful, but the overnight stays offer way more amenities than I ever could have imagined. Tonight we’re staying at the Lakeview RV Resort where they have everything from sparkling pools, to a hot tub, swaying palm trees, relaxing rockers and porch swings, and of course the favorites like plenty of bbq and picnic areas. Bonus: all the guest amenities are free of charge. SWEET!

texas in two weeks

Days Four and Five: Houston to Corpus Christi: 208 Miles
There are more things that can be done in Corpus Christi than anyone could accomplish in two days. You can visit the USS Lexington, spend some time on the Padre Island seashore, visit the award winning Texas State Aquarium…honestly, the list could go on and on. We’re definitely visiting a few of these, but the one I’m probably most excited about is the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. Not only can we walk around on a replica of Columbus’ ships, they also have an incredible children’s area with tons of hands-on experiences.

RVs are great for on the road, but they are also so great for taking time off to relax. During our two days in Corpus Christi we’ll be staying at the Hatch RV Park. This family and pet friendly park has been around since 1933 and is like a little city within a city.

texas in two weeks

Day Six: Corpus Christi to San Antonio: 143 Miles
San Antonio has so many historical sites and a culture that manages to be both 100% Mexican and 100% American all at the same time. It is for that reason I wanted my daughter to visit The Alamo. Growing up in Texas she’ll hear stories about this historic landmark her entire life so I want to make sure she knows first hand what these stories are all about. After our visit, we’ll spend a leisurely afternoon enjoying The Riverwalk and its many shopping and dining options. No need to overplan this day because there are just so many enjoyable, spontaneous options to choose from!

While in San Antonio we’ll stay at the Carefree Traveler’s World RV Resort where we’ll hang out with other travelin’ families and maybe enjoy some Tex-Mex under the big Texas sky.

texas in two weeks

Day Seven: San Antonio to San Angelo: 210 Miles
San Angelo is another city that has tons of hidden treasures. The two we’ll be visiting are Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum for a time-machine trip back to the early days of Texas, and Chicken Farm Art Center where we’ll get to see an eclectic collection of art, meet some of the artists, and – if we’re lucky – catch a live music show. At this point, we’ve left the past couple of days of eating up to chance. Not here. Here I want to enjoy Cork and Pig Tavern. Why? It’s called Cork and Pig Tavern. Plus, they have some truly adult dishes, as well as an amazing selection that kids will enjoy. Win/Win.

Tonight we’re hanging out at San Angelo KOA. This marks one week into our trip so I’m definitely looking forward to hanging out at this 10-acre location and relaxing under the mesquite trees.

texas in two weeks

Day Eight: San Angelo to Lubbock: 184 Miles
Week two of our journey will begin in Lubbock where we could spend time at the Buddy Holly Center, visit Prairie Dog Town, or hang out at the Science Spectrum Museum…but where we’re actually going to spend the day at Joyland Amusement Park. Joyland has been around for nearly 70 years and it’ll be so much fun to spend the day on rides and just laughing. Sure, we might still visit Prairie Dog Town while we’re here, but only after we’ve stuffed ourselves full of amusement park fun and food.

Lubbock RV Park has all the amazing amenities we’ve come to expect from all of the other parks, AND a heated pool. Why am I so excited about this? We’re going to spend most of our day at the amusement park so I absolutely LOVE the idea of spending a relaxing evening around a nice, warm pool and hanging out with those other truly fun, adventurous RVing families.

texas in two weeks

Day Nine: Lubbock to Canyon: 104 Miles
Another thing I didn’t know before I began planning this trip is that Palo Duro Canyon is the second largest canyon in the United States. It might not be called ‘grand’, but it is definitely the place I am most looking forward to visiting during our trip.

Canyon to Amarillo: 18 Miles

Two words: Cadillac Ranch. Armed with spray paint and a camera, this is where we are going to leave our permanent mark on a Texas landmark. Much like Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California, Cadillac Ranch is all about becoming one with the location and I can’t wait to share that with my daughter.

While in Amarillo, we’re going to stay at Fort Amarillo RV Park and Resort. Here we’re going to try our hand at catching our own dinner in the fishing pond, and we’ll stock up on some more provisions at Lizzie Mae’s Mercantile.

texas in two weeks

Day Ten: Amarillo to Wichita Falls: 224 Miles
Today we’ll visit The Falls in Lucy Park (the real Wichita Falls washed away years ago), and spend the day taking in nature at River Bend Nature Center. It should be a relaxing, restful day of nature. finished off with a delicious meal at Gyros and Kabobs. There are plenty of places to eat steak and ribs all over Texas, but since this is a trip for building memories I wanted us to enjoy food that we probably wouldn’t eat at home. Also, I’m super excited about their onion rings!

While in Wichita Falls, we’re going to spend the night at Coyote Ranch Resort. A destination resort for weddings and corporate retreats, Coyote Ranch Resort has tons of amenities plus plenty of places for RVing families to get together and hang for an evening of fun. My daughter is especially looking forward to the gaming station inside Mustang Hall.

texas in two weeks

Day Eleven: Wichita Falls to Glen Rose: 161 Miles
While Glen Rose is actually pretty close to home, Fossil Rim is a must-see during our two week Go RVing road trip. Here we’ll have the choice of taking a tram through the park or driving along their marked trail…either way, we’ll have zebras and giraffe’s and so many other animals coming up to visit us. Yes, the animals roam free and the people are caged. How awesome is that!?!? Also, is it wrong that I’m really looking forward to the look on my daughter’s face the first time a giraffe gives her a kiss?

Tonight we’re staying at historic Oakdale Park – which has been around for ninety years. After spending the day at Fossil Rim, it’ll be nice relaxing with other families and catching up on everything we’ve all seen during our travels. I know my trip hasn’t started yet, but this is what I’m most excited about when it comes to traveling by RV. The sense of community in RV camps is palpable and there are always so many fun things for kids to do…namely, hang out with other kids. Where else in your travels can you have that kind of experience?

texas in two weeks

Days Twelve and Thirteen: Glen Rose to Georgetown: 126 Miles
Our journey is winding down, but not our adventure. We’re going to start out the next two days with a visit to Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown. Hidden for over 10,000 years, Inner Space Cavern is one of the best preserved caverns in all of Texas (according to their website). Bonus: they have tours for all skill levels. Since this is our first time, we’ll be taking the Adventure Tour, but if this is something my daughter enjoys I’ll look forward to bringing her back for the Hidden Passages and Wild Cave Tours as she gets older.

Georgetown to Austin: 29 Miles
Since the cavern tours only take a couple of ours, we’re going to wind up our trip in the state capitol: Austin. Everyone should get a chance to see their state capitol at some point, and I’m so glad I’ll get to see it with my daughter. While there, we’ll be visiting the capitol building (of course), but I want this final leg to be about more than state government. We’re going to spend some time at gorgeous Hamilton Pool, visit Barton Springs Pool, enjoy meals from food trucks, and wander through the Cathedral of Junk. Why there? Because we’re in Austin and why not visit weird places in a city whose motto is “Keep Austin Weird”? We’re spending two days here because I want to take some time to wander and explore in this amazing city. Also, because at dusk I want us to be near Congress Avenue Bridge so that we have a chance to see the 1.5 million bats as they fly off into the night.

During out two nights in Austin, we’ll be staying at Pecan Grove RV Park. While most other parks have been all about the amenities, this one is all about location. It’s within five minutes of the heart of Austin. Literally in the middle of the mix. I can’t wait to find some other vacationing families and hit the town together. What an awesome ending to an awesome trip.

texas in two weeks

Day Fourteen: Austin to Denton:  226 Miles
Today we are heading home. It isn’t often a lifetime of memories can be built in two weeks, but our two weeks of touring Texas is just that. From amusement parks, to water, to art, fantastic food, and friendly families I truly can’t wait to take this trip. More than that, I can’t wait to take it in an RV, with my daughter. Now that she’s fast approaching the double digits (the big 1-0) I want to take advantage of our time together before she enters those hectic teen years. A RV trip is the perfect way to do just that. For one, our RV will come with a full kitchen, entertainment center, roomy sleeping areas, and even a comfy couch. It really is a home on wheels.

Secondly, RV parks and resorts have other families who are experiencing the open road with the same comfort and ease as us. We can hang out, visit, eat together and most certainly make friends for life.

After planning this trip I couldn’t be more excited about hitting the open road. More than that, I’m already planning out what we’ll do during our next RV trip. I hope our trip has given you some great ideas, and I look forward to hearing from you! Happy Travels!

texas in two weeks

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