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Move Over Flowers, Texas Roadhouse Roll Bouquets Are What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day

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Roses are red, violets are blue, Texas Roadhouse’s roll bouquets are better than flowers, and yes, it’s true. 

It’s simple you guys, flowers are so last year. 

Food bouquets have been trending in the last few years, just take a look at this salty pickle bouquet, bacon roses, or even better, these Olive Garden breadstick bouquets!

Now if you liked the sound of pickle, bacon, and breadstick bouquets, you’ll appreciate this food bouquet even more! 

Courtesy of @texasroadhouse

Now let me introduce to you to the Texas Roadhouse roll bouquet. 

You read right. 

Courtesy of @kayleighleon

Social media users have been getting creative, and have turned Texas Roadhouse’s famous sweet rolls into bouquets! 

And since Mother’s day is right around the corner, this idea makes a great bouquet for mom for two reasons!

Courtesy of @fe_bur

Reason number one, is that you can count on this yummy bouquet to never die, unlike the flowers you were thinking of buying her at the flower shop. 

Reason number two, who can say no to a gift they can eat, especially if it has anything to do with Texas Roadhouse’s rolls! 

Courtesy of @kayleighleon

And making this bouquet seems super simple.

Now it looks like most are simply sticking skewers in the middle of each Texas Roadhouse roll, and then wrapping the dozen or so bread rolls in pretty tissue paper! 

Courtesy of @texasroadhouse

Oh, and one of the great things about this edible bouquet (other than being able to eat it), is that it works on other holidays too, like Valentine’s day or even an anniversary!

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