The Grinch Bath Bombs

  • Author: Brittanie


Grinch Bath Bombs



In a large bowl whisk together the baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch and the green powdered food coloring.

In a separate bowl, combine the melted coconut oil, water and essential oil. Note: You can melt the coconut oil in the microwave for about a minute until it’s fully melted.

Now, very slowly add the liquid ingredients into the dry ingredients until well combined. Make sure you are stirring at the same time. Keep adding until you get a dry, crumbly sand and should not be a “wet” consistency. You want to be able to grab some of the mixture and close your fist and have it barely stick together. Warning: If mixture gets too wet too fast, it will activate the fizzy part of the bath bomb too soon!

Once ready, take the eyeball candies and the small sprinkle heart and place into the bottom of one half of the bath bomb mold or plastic ornament. (I used a small amount of tacky glue to adhere them to the side of the mold and hold it in place).

Now, tightly pack the mixture into the one side of the mold and add your plastic red heart.

Pack the other side of the mold and then press the two sides together. You may need to play with the mold a little bit so the two halves stick together. If you really want to, you can also tape the two halves together to keep the mold from popping open.

Let the bath bomb stay in the mold overnight at least (longer if you live in a more humid climate).

Once ready, lightly tap around the mold with a spoon to very carefully open and remove bath bomb. The finished bath bomb will still be somewhat fragile, so be careful!

Now, take your black food marker and draw on a face to resemble The Grinch.

You’re now done! You can store these for later use, wrap them in some cute wrapping and gift them. Just keep them away from any moisture.


This will make about 4 bath bombs depending on the size of the mold you use.