The iOS 13.2 Emojis Are Here

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Apple just released iOS 13.2, and with it come some pretty cool emojis (398 DESIGNS)! They have even improved the look of some of the emojis we already know and love.

This update is more inclusive of everyone, including more skin tones, a greater selection of hairstyles or tones, people in wheelchairs, and even ears with hearing aids.

Via Emojipedia.com

I love that these super-cute emojis welcome even more people into their lineup of characters.

They have also added hand signs, or improved the look of some that are already on our phones.

Many people have been WAITING for the otter to make it’s appearance. It’s finally here!

They have EIGHT new animals, including this pink flamingo, this cute skunk, and even an oyster!


This is the beta version of their service dog, and it is so stinking adorable.

We also get an even greater selection of people holding hands, including a greater variety of skin tones, genders, and multiple people.

They have tried to be more gender-inclusive, including a more bionary looking emoji.

This inclusivity has spilled over into the working individual, the rocker, the vampire, and the mermaid/man/person.

Take a look at how well they’ve done representing the working force!

There are now 67 accessiblity-focused emojis like we haven’t seen before.

Thank you, Apple, for including even more diversity into your lineup!

I am so excited about this upgrade! I need the little yawning guy on a daily basis.

These emojis are now available as a free software update with iOS 13.2.

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