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The Oscars Will Air This Sunday. Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

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This Sunday, February 9th, are the 92nd Academy Awards, and I’m completely giddy!

The Football Super Bowl is over, and now it’s time for the REAL Super Bowl — The Oscars! Am I right?!?

Every year, people gather around televisions to watch the spectacle of The Academy Awards! There are even Academy Awards watching parties, complete with voting ballots, fancy dresses, and delicious food galore.

It all starts with the preshow, known as The Oscars Red Carpet Show, at 3:30pm PST — that’s 6:30pm EST for all those counting.

This show follows celebrities arriving in their fancy cars, and then parading down the red carpet. We get to see them — and secretly judge them — in all their glorious gowns and fancy tuxedos.


You can catch the Red Carpet Event on the ABC Live Stream on supported devices.

Don’t have a “supported device?” We got ya! You can stream the Live Red Carpet Show on Twitter.


As for the BIG show itself, The Academy Awards comes on at 5pm PST — 8pm EST — and will NOT be available to stream on Twitter. *Sad Face*

If you don’t have television, there are several ways to watch The Oscars. You can find them Here.

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