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The Queen Wore An Outfit The Same Color As A Green Screen And The Internet Went Nuts

Queen Elizabeth is delightfully pretty in green in her birthday suit, but as many others have discovered the chroma-green coloring is Way easy to manipulate. Remember this weather forecaster?

green screen weather forecaster

Well, here is Queen Elizabeth in her original outfit…

Queen on Birthday

Great, right?

Now here she is after the internet had a royal field day with her outfit…


Queen doge

How about an eggplant…

queen eggplant

Gamers will love this one!

queen gamer

Elizabeth is…a punk rocker?

queen rocker

My favorite though, is the Queen featuring Queen.

Seriously, I’m not sure the internet has done anything as fantastic as this since, well, making cats famous.

Oh, and, cats.

queen with cats

Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth! And many more to come!