The Secret To Make-Ahead Sandwiches That Taste Good

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This is the secret to making make-ahead sandwiches so that they actually taste good

Every morning before I take the kiddo school I have to make lunch. And every morning before school I accidentally oversleep and leave myself approximately sixteen seconds to do this. Which means that I have perfected the art of making all my sandwiches for the entire week on Sunday nights and them still tasting good on Friday! My procrastination is here for you. You’re welcome.

How to Make Sandwiches Ahead Of Time That Stay Fresh All Week

Boars Head Meat and Cheese
Meat and cheese on buns
cheese on a hoagie bun
secret to make ahead sandwiches
Sandwich making station
Close Up Your Sandwich

The first thing you need to do is start with quality ingredients. I am a huge fan of Boar’s Head Deli Meat and Cheese because it tastes FRESH. Fresh is a huge deal for me. I am all about fresh, okay? Boar’s Head also has a ton of different options which is good because my daughter is constantly changing her mind about what kinds of sandwiches she’s into. Oh, and I always use hoagie buns, just because I really like saying hoagie. But, what’s the secret to the perfect make-ahead sandwich? The secret, my dear friend, is in the construction and the wrapping. You’re going to slice your hoagie buns if they aren’t pre-sliced. (But I highly suggest buying pre-sliced, because they’re really hard to cut evenly.) And then you’re going to add your meat and cheese on the buns. Here’s where things get a little tricky. You are going to want to put meat on BOTH SIDES. Not just one. If you put meat on only one side, then all hope is lost. then you can toss your cheese on whichever side you’re feeling. That part isn’t as important. 🙂 And now for the first super secret to making amazing make-ahead sandwiches that don’t get soggy! You are going to add your condiments in between the meat and the cheese! Make extra sure that it doesn’t touch the bread! I usually make a little sandwich making station like this. Now, you close up your sandwich. But you aren’t done my friend. If you put this in the fridge like this, but Friday it will taste like last Tuesday’s chinese food. And we can’t have that, now can we?!?

It’s time for the wrapping trick.

Saran Wrap Rectangle for Sandwich
start your sandwich at the corner of the rectangle
Turn your sandwich upside down
wrap the sandwich ones
then wrap the sandwich like a present
perfectly preserved sandwich
perfect make ahead sandwiches

Grab your saran wrap and pull out a big rectangle shaped piece. And start by placing your sandwich at the CORNER of the rectangle. And then turn your sandwich upside down, bringing the saran wrap with you. Wrap once. Kind of pull it tight, but not too tight. You don’t want to squish the bread, but you also don’t want to leave a bunch of air inside the wrapping or anything. Then bring side corners in, kind of like you’re wrapping a present. You want to make sure you’re really covering those ends. Nobody likes a hard end on their sandwich. Now fold over the last piece of saran wrap and your sandwich is perfectly preserved! (Say that three times fast…) BOOM! Make the rest, and you have sandwiches for the whole week! Be sure to check out Back to School with Boar’s Head for more lunch making recipes, tips and inspiration!

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  1. Do you freeze your hoagie sandwich or just leave them in the fridge??