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There Are People Who Don’t Believe Dinosaurs Existed, And That Is Horrifying

I think I was eight-years-old the first time I saw a dinosaur footprint in the ground. I knew dinosaurs existed before then, but that was the first time I saw evidence with my own eyes. I was on a exploration trip with my Girl Scouts troop and we visited a place where dinosaurs had once walked. The footprint was next to a creek at the base of a mountainside and I could not get over how big it was. See, I’d seen dinosaurs in museums and knew they were big, but I think in the back of my mind I didn’t think those were real bones. I figured they were like the model dinosaurs my brothers and I used to put together, only better painted. But seeing the footprint in the ground like that made it undeniable. Which is only one of the reasons why it is so hard for me to stomach the fact that there are dinosaur deniers out there. Yeah. There are people who don’t believe dinosaurs existed, and that is horrifying.

do you believe that dinosaurs were real? this t-rex skeleton certainly proves they were!

There Are People Who Don’t Believe Dinosaurs Existed, And That Is Horrifying

First off, the fact that we have to tell any grown adult that dinosaurs did, indeed, exist is more than horrifying, it’s actually scary. I don’t know if denial comes from being brought up to believe science isn’t real, or something else entirely, but finding some sort of conspiracy theory behind something as truly huge as dinosaurs is a step too far.

I get that for religious reasons, or maybe mental reasons sometimes people don’t believe in what’s in front of their face. Even with overwhelming evidence. And if these people only spoke to other whackadoos we’d be fine, but in the age of the internet, they finally have a voice to spread their vitriol as far and wide as they wish to spread it. And because most of us think they are crazy, their message gets out. We see it and our disbelief is so strong that we have to share it with others. Like, “Can you see what this crazy person is saying?”

But then their message gets to someone who maybe doesn’t understand science. Or reason. Or someone who is already prone to paranoid thoughts. And then we’e got more people who are being sucked down the rabbit hole of believing there is a government conspiracy to make the world believe in dinosaurs. Mother flipping dinosaurs.

Or what about the flat Earthers?

Or those who don’t think we landed on the moon?

How about those who think climate change isn’t real even though Antartica is LITERALLY falling apart.

This is terrifying!

Never in our lives have we had the scientific equipment and minds to truly examine the world around us, and instead of believing in these findings, and the actual physical evidence that’s out there, there are people who water down the message and make it so maybe those who would otherwise try to understand start to have doubts.

The problem with that? Suddenly parents stop vaccinating their children. Suddenly governments stop funding carbon emission regulations. Suddenly we live in a world where professional athletes are using their platform to tell people that the Earth is flat.

And people are believing them.

If that isn’t as scary to you as it is to me, I’d be horrified to know what your nightmares are like!

And because this is a thing, too…



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