There’s An Expert Who Wants Formula To Be Prescription Only So Moms Are Forced To Breastfeed

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Formula is being compared to tobacco use. He is calling for prescription formula and the ban of all marketing of formula such as advertisements, free samples and product placements.

Oh, mama. This is such a crazy time where experts are now telling you what to feed your kids.

Erik Assadourian, a man who has never and will never breastfeed a baby, is asking the World Health Organization to step up and call to make baby formula prescription only in order to get more people to breastfeed their babies.

According to Assadourian, parents spent 11.5 billion dollars on formula last year, and he says this must stop. He argues that breast is always best.

As a mom who spent the first six months of her daughter’s life pumping milk and then putting it into a bottle, let me just say that this is insanity.

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There are so very many factors surrounding breastfeeding, and just feeding your kid in general. Food should never EVER be by prescription, and just because breast milk exists, we should not take away the basic right to feed children.

Let me say that again for the cheap seats in the back. We should never take away a baby’s basic right to eat. Why would we turn to pediatricians or an OBGyn to make a decision about the best ways to feed out children?

It’s time to stop making moms feel guilty for not letting their babies go hungry.

This would essentially starve kids who’s parents couldn’t get in to the doctor. And let’s just imagine for a moment, a world where parents are buying black market formula for their babies just so they can have something to eat.

prescription formula

Prescription Formula Is Not The Way To Make Healthier Babies

No, just no.

It’s time for these so-called experts to STEP ASIDE and let parents and caregivers make their own decisions about how and when the are going to feed their babies. It’s time to stop making moms feel guilty for not letting their babies go hungry.

prescription formula

It’s time to build up moms and celebrate their wins. Not publicize their shame.

prescription formula

You do a good job because you love your kid and you are doing the best damn job you can.

prescription formula

Don’t let people who don’t even know your kid tell you how to raise them.

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