These Fake Frogs Make Dissection in Biology Class Way Less Disgusting

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An entire generation of students is about to be WAY more lucky than I was in high school! I’m talking about FROG DISSECTION — I get the heebeegeebees just thinking about it.

There is a company called SynDaver that has come up with these super-realistic, yet totally-fake frogs! They contain what feels like real skin and internal organs from a frog, but they are totally not real. They are PERFECT to practice dissection, but without the actual (disgusting) frog.

Via SynDaver

SynFrog is made with twenty-first century SynTissue®, a library of synthetic wet tissues that mimic the look, feel and physical properties of real live tissue. SynFrog is made to represent a live female frog in every way possible, including its size and the texture and color of its skin and organs. It also features a realistic reproductive system, complete with eggs.

Via SynDaver

These faux frogs mimic the dissection of the real thing, but there is no harm to an ACTUAL frog. It helps protect the frog population, and keeps the students away from harmful chemicals or odors, like formaldehyde.

Via SynDaver

All of these SynFrog organs are totally anatomically correct, and can be removed.

Via SynDaver

My daughter is about to be insanely happy about this. We JUST had a discussion about dissection in high school science classes, and she was having panic attacks about dealing with a real frog — sometimes living.

Via SynDaver

“PETA has promoted virtual dissection for years, but some teachers still request ‘hands-on’ teaching tools—and that’s where the SynFrog comes in,” says PETA Vice President of International Laboratory Methods Shalin Gala. “It’s safer, more effective, and more humane.”

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Credit: SynDaver

These realistic frogs run $150, and are totally anatomically correct. I’m not sure how that price compares to ACTUAL frogs, and I’m also not sure if they can be reused, but I can tell you I would MUCH prefer this froggy to what I had to endure in high school!

Via SynDaver

I would really rather deal with these Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Toys. They are definitely more my speed!

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