These Galaxy Sake Cups are Out of This World And I Need Them

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Sometimes you see something that just blows you away. For me, right now it is one of those times!

This is like some super trippy talent! A Japanese artist Hiromi Sato makes these cups by hand.

Since she does this by hand, each stainless steel tumbler is totally unique! 100% beautiful! I am in total awe.

They sell out pretty much as soon as she makes them, so you’ll have to be on your toes if you plan to get one!


A work that has been painted with the unique texture of stainless steel processing technology and oxidation coloration in Sakai City, Niigata Prefecture by Hiromi Sato, a traditional craftsman in Niigata and Shirane Butsudan.


She makes them by painting and then repainting with lacquer, After that she finishes them with gold dust. This gives it a shimmery effect and produces that galaxy look!


The technique she uses is called oxidative coloring. When you fill the sake cups with a clear liquid, like vodka or water, the design is magnified creating this breathtaking beauty.

When I lacquer each product, I express the blue, red, and green universe for myself,

Hiromi Sato

Even Hiromi Sato is surprised at how popular her cups have been. She is working hard to keep up but as with any handcrafted piece, it takes time.

As beautiful as these are, they most definitely do NOT come cheap. You can expect to pay 10,800 yen which is about $99.91 for ONE. It is a work of art after all! You can buy them online at Sansaku.

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