These Jack O’ Lantern Purses Are The Perfect Way To Spook Up Your Wardrobe And I Need Them All

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Y’all. I am absolutely smitten with these pumpkin purses made by Love, Pain, and Stitches.

Courtesy of Love, Pain, and Stitches

I was lost somewhere on a TikTok tangent, like I do, and I came across these Pumpkin Purses.

Courtesy of Love, Pain, and Stitches

The TikTok video was really quick, and if I blinked, I would have missed it. LUCKILY, I was paying attention, and jumped on the pause button to see where these Halloween handbags came from!


I’m so excited! Hope this answers some questions! ##halloween ##spookyseason ##lovepainandstitches ##pumpkinkult ##? ##halloweencountdown ##unboxing ##foryou

♬ Hall of the Pumpkin King (From Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree) – AtmosFX

I immediately jumped over to the Love, Pain, and Stitches website to try and score myself one of these Jack O’ Lantern beauties.

Courtesy of Love, Pain, and Stitches

After a bit of looking around, I learned a few things.

First – Love, Pain, and Stitches is a mother and son team that handmakes these super-cool Halloween themed bags.

Courtesy of Love, Pain, and Stitches

We offer two kinds of bags, our handcrafted bags which we make that are labeled Love Pain and Stitches. Pumpkin Kult: The Collection, is our production line that we designed but are not manufacturing ourselves.

Love, Pain, and Stitches

The bags sell out hella quick, so you have to grab them AS SOON as they become available. They have new bags available about every two weeks.


Follow them on Instagram to get a sneak peek at new items, and to find out when they are going to have a new restock of purses


The new bags on the Love, Pain, and Stitches site run from 50 to 220 bucks, and they are completely and totally worth it!!


The bags are vegan friendly, and are made with automotive grade vinyl.

If you don’t want to wait for new bags to be available, I mean, you can try eBay. The bags will start upwards of $200, because you know, people resell at crazy prices.

Courtesy of Love, Pain, and Stitches

If you head on over to Trick or Treat Studios, you can preorder a couple bags that were designed by Love, Pain, and Stitches. Now, the bags on THIS site aren’t manufactured by LPS, but they are officially licensed — so LPS designed them.

The preorder bags on the Trick or Treat Studios site will start shipping in October, but if you go preorder, at least you KNOW you are getting one of these cool purses!

These pre-order purses will run you $60, and I’m headed on over to get mine!!


You can still score some totally awesome things on the Love, Pain, and Stitches website. Besides purses, they also have pins, vinyl stickers, and coin purses. Go check them out!

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