This Baby Zebra Was Born With Polka Dots Instead Of Stripes And I’m In Love

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A polka-dotted baby zebra has been found, and it is just about the cutest thing EVER!

Courtesy of Frankliuphotograph y on Instagram

This little guy (girl?) lives in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, and has become somewhat of a celebrity.

It’s name is Tira, and people have been flocking to the reserve to check out this cute little baby.

Courtesy of Hassanneini on Instagram

Baby zebras are normally born with black and white stripes — just like its parents. But, Tira has a black coat — sometimes it looks a little chocolate in color — with white polka dots.

It is very rare for a zebra to be born with a variance in their coat, and UNFORTUNATELY these baby zebras only live about 6 months or less.

It is thought that this is because of the “abnormality of their nature.”

Tira was named after the LUCKY tour guide who first spotted the foal, Antony Tira.

At first, the tour guide thought that the unique foal has been painted or marked for some purposes.

Awesome Inventions

After looking a bit closer, Tira noticed that the baby foal was, indeed, a “blacker” newborn. His spotted coat was natural!

I’m a sucker for cute and unusual animals! Have you checked out the baby PINK DOLPHIN that lives right in Louisiana? I need to see it in real life!

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  1. I hope they rescue her and not let her be eaten. She won’t survive long because of her coloring. Though I guess it’s just nature when she’s eaten but it’s just sad that people see her and obviously know this and do nothing. Imagine if she was kept safe on the reserve. Tourists would flock to see her and that in turn helps all the animals on the reserve. Instead now people will go pay for the few months she survives and then she’s dead. Predators or poachers and tourism drops instead of having her being there for many years to come. Humans are terrible.

  2. So, in one of the videos, you can see Tira is peeing, and it is very clear that our new zebra is a bouncing baby boy.

    I hope they can help him survive beyond 6 months.

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