This Calculator Lets You Know How Long Your Stockpile Of Toilet Paper Will Last

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This calculator lets you know just how long that stash of toilet paper you built up should last you!


I don’t know about y’all, but I am pretty sure that I have always kept a small stockpile of toilet paper.

I order the huge super-sized packs off of Amazon and with it just being me, it tends to last forever!

It seems that we will all be spending a bit more time at home due to social distancing, so your stash may run out faster than usual.

But never fear! The toilet paper calculator is here! (that rhymes haha!)

This calculator is seriously the coolest! All you have to do is enter how many rolls of toilet paper you currently have, then estimate how many trips you take to the bathroom on a daily basis.

Then BAM! You got an estimate of how many days your stash will last you!

Is your toilet paper stockpile a bit sparse? With everyone building their own stockpile, store shelves are tending to look a bit bare. Here is a list of toilet paper substitutions!

Don’t forget to keep washing your hands!

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