You Can Use Playing Cards To Trick Your Whole Family Into Exercising

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We have been looking for something different to do, that will get us a bit of exercise during the day.

Our lives, as of late, have been pretty sedentary, and we need a fun way to get us up and moving — And this Exercise Battle Card Game is it!

You just need a REGULAR deck of cards (Jokers removed), and at least two players.

Here’s How The Game Works

Each card corresponds to an exercise:

  • Hearts – Jumping Jacks
  • Diamonds – Mountain Climbers
  • Spades – Squats
  • Clubs – Shoulder Taps

When the card is drawn, you have to do the number that is represented on the card. So, if you draw a 5 of Spades, you do 5 Squats. If you draw a 7 of Hearts, you do 7 Jumping Jacks. Get it?

Face cards — Jack, Queen, King — are all worth 11 exercises. And, Aces are worth 12 exercises.

How To Play

Divey the cards up evenly amongst the players (like your playing WAR with the cards).

Stand 6 feet or more apart — social distancing, and all.

Each player shows their first card. The person with the highest card wins.

Everyone must do that exercise, and the “winner” gets the card.

The goal is to get ALL the cards by the end of the game.

BUT, what if you draw the SAME number? You just put that card on the bottom of the pile, and draw the NEXT card.

Get it? Nice and easy!!

This game was invented by Kristen Faircloth, at Donna Lee Loflin Elementary in North Carolina, and you can watch her video, below!

Once you finish this card game, if you are STILL looking for ways to get your family movings, check out the 15 free fun virtual workouts!

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