This Is The Answer That Almost Made Steve Harvey Walk Off Family Feud

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Almost everyone who has had a sick day off of school or work at some point has seen Family Feud. And if you’ve been watching in recent years, you’ve seen the kind of antics Steve Harvey has brought to the show. Still, for all his craziness, sometimes the contestants take his crazy up a notch. Like this guy. When the question, “Name something that is passed around” is asked, this guy has a pretty quick answer. But it’s not what Steve would have expected and the look on his face shows it. Even funnier is the way he reacts as the man grabs his arm. It doesn’t end there, though. Wait until you see what happens when the answer actually shows up on the board. Take a look!

I seriously thought Steve Harvey was going to walk off the show, right there, right then. The look on his face is priceless, but it’s also one of, “Okay, this is where it ends.” Way too funny.

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