This Is The Cheapest Time To Visit Disney World and Disneyland

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This week, we found out that Disney is raising the price of admission to get into their theme parks. Dang you, Disney!

I mean, they raise their prices like every year, and I keep going. Why do they keep upping admission? They Can! But, COME ON! I need CHEAP, not more expensive.

Well, THANK YOU! There IS a time to go, when the out-of-pocket cost is a little less painful.

Here is what you need to know.

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland, it looks like the ideal time to plan on going is Monday, May 11 through Thursday, May 14th. You have to hit that sweet spot, when ticket prices are at their lowest, and hotel prices drop to off-season prices.

Although CURRENTLY, Disneyland has only released it’s prices through June 30th, traditionally, the next best time to go are WEEKDAYS between August 24th and September 7th.

Weekdays are ALWAYS the best time to go, because locals flock to the parks on the weekends, when the kids aren’t in school. Crowds can be CRAZY busy on the weekends!

Now, if Walt Disney World is your jam, you still want to hit it during the weekdays. Weekends are traditionally busy AF. If you’ve been on a weekend, you know what I mean!

The BEST, meaning the cheapest, time to hit up Walt Disney World is probably August 23 through September 12 — when the kids are just getting back in school from summer break.

There are some other cheap dates — September 13 through Oct 8th, and October 25 through November 4th — but I speak from experience here: Make sure you check park times.

Magic Kingdom closes at 6pm some night for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party — which is a paid event. That means you will be losing precious time in the parks at night during some evenings.

We went the weekdays right after Thanksgiving last year, and it was both a relatively cheaper time to go, and it was less crowded, because kids were back in school after the holiday.

We also hit that sweet week where Magic Kingdom wasn’t closed early for Mickey’s Christmas Party. You have to be really careful when planning around this time. There are SO many times that Magic Kingdom closes early.

So, to sum up here: Don’t plan to go on a weekend.

Hit Disneyland May 11th through May 14th. Make your plans to visit Disney World August 23rd through September 12th.

All this Disney talk has given me the Disney itch! It’s a real thing, I promise. Excuse me while I go book my trip!

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