This Llama Party Cotton Candy-Flavored Popcorn Turns Blue When You Pop It

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OMG, y’all! I have a couple of boxes of ACT II popcorn in my pantry right now, but none of them are like this LLAMA PARTY COTTON CANDY popcorn!

Courtesy of junkfoodmom on Instagram

This Llama Party popcorn has a little surprise — and it’s not Llama Drama! It Pops Up Blue!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?

I’m going to have to try this popcorn, just because it’s blue. Ha!

But, the fact that it’s cotton candy flavored is a super bonus. Gah!

There isn’t a release date for this awesome Llama popcorn, but you can GUARANTEE I’ll be hanging out in the popcorn aisle until it POPs up!

Just to MAKE SURE your kids beg for this Llama Party Cotton Candy Popcorn — as if there were some danger of them NOT begging for it — each box comes with cool Llamacorn Tattoos right inside. My kids will be FIGHTING over them.

Courtesy of junkfoodmom on Instagram

Each box of super cool blue popcorn comes with FIVE bags to pop up, and I’m going to be needing AT LEAST three boxes!

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Courtesy of Walmart

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  1. Where can I find act 11 Lamar blue popcorn

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