This Portable Smart Device Allows You To Take Alexa On-The-Go

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I am so crazy excited about this little Frenby gadget. You don’t know HOW MANY times I have been out, and thought, ‘Ah! I wish I had Alexa right now!’

Via Amazon

Frenby has heard my cry! They created a little smart speaker that comes loaded with Alexa. WHAT?!?

As long as you can connect to WiFi, little Frenby can be your Alexa on the go!

Need to access your smart devices at home? Frenby can do it. Need to add things to your shopping list? Frenby’s got you. Want to listen to that song that has been running non-stop through your head? Frenby can play it*.

If you can use your Alexa to help you do it, Frenby can accommodate you, too! I, seriously need this little guy — er, gal?

Frenby is also WEARABLE. You can just clip it to your clothing, and go do your thing. It is HANDS FREE!

The current operation is tap and talk (soft touch). Ask Frenby to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more.


You recharge Frenby like you would a smartphone. You can listen continuously for about seven hours, and a have a standby time of about fifty hours before you have to recharge it.

This little gadget will cost you about $50, which is AWESOME!! I was expecting it to be so much more money for a PORTABLE Alexa smart device. I want to get one for everyone in my family.

It is VERY important to note that, if you have iOS 13, you will want to make sure the Current Frenby is compatible. The last time I checked, iOS 13 was not supported on this device.

You can get your Frenby right on Amazon.

* As long as the song is available. Don’t expect Frenby to play some obscure song that can’t be found. Ha!

Did you know that you can have Samuel L. Jackson speak to you from your Alexa? Check it out! If you don’t like curse words, don’t look below. LOL! It IS Samuel L. Jackson, afterall.

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