This TikTok Hack Shows You How to Make Wearing Masks More Comfortable Using Your Glasses

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Are you required to wear a mask for work? Maybe you work in healthcare? I know there are plenty of things to help you keep that mask off of your ears. But this one is super simple and it works for those that wear glasses!

btypep – TikTok

This person on TikTok posted a brilliant idea! All you need are a few things you may already have lying around the house, if not you can get them very cheaply.

btypep – TikTok

No sewing, knitting, or crocheting skills needed! Super easy! I’ll break it down step by step and post the complete video as well. No skills required!

You will obviously need a mask and your glasses. Other than that you only need two other items.

btypep – TikTok

You will also need two buttons.

btypep – TikTok

You will also need two teeny tiny rubber bands.

btypep – TikTok

Insert one rubber band through the holes on each button so that you have loops like are shown below.

To make this easy, pinch the end of the rubber band and place through one hole and repeat for the opposite hole.

btypep – TikTok

Then just simply slide the rubber bands over the your glasses.

btypep – TikTok

Put your glasses back on your face, attach the mask loops over the buttons on each side. Then just position it to where it is comfortable for you!

btypep – TikTok

Now you can wear your mask without irritating your ears, especially if you are wearing masks for a prolonged period of time. This will take that pressure off of the back of your ears.

Watch the video below! Brilliant! TikTok is full of amazing hacks to make life easier!


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  1. This is a very bad idea as the mask has a large gap on either side at the cheeks. The mask should fit snug without gaps otherwise this is the perfect entry for the air-born virus

  2. Walmart in the hair accessory area. Ponytail holder. They come in black or clear.

  3. You can them at Walmart in the hair accessories are. By the ponytails holders.

  4. Super clever ,
    Very easy to do.
    Feels so much more comfortable, thank you.

    1. @Peter,
      try a tack shop or western store
      Horse owners and particularly showers of horses use them to braid the manes