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This ‘Unicorn Spit’ Gel Stain Can Turn Anything Into A Magical Piece of Art

You have GOT to check out this amazing stain. It’s freaking BEAUTIFUL!

It’s called Unicorn Spit, and it’s a paint, gel stain, and glaze — ALL IN ONE BOTTLE!

Courtesy of I Need This In My Life on Facebook

I can’t get over how GORGEOUS the finished projects that use this product turn out!

Turn ordinary objects into personalized masterpieces! ideal for creating new – or – refinishing thousands of projects. Excellent for crafters, makers, hobbyists, DIYers and pros too

Courtesy of I Need This In My Life on Facebook

I am so freaking in love with this paint / gel stain! Even a novice — HI, that’s me! — can turn an old, rundown piece of furniture into a stunning conversation piece with the help of this Unicorn Spit.

Courtesy of I Need This In My Life on Facebook

Penetrates deep into the bare wood grain or glazes over existing finishes, brightens and highlights chalk paint, and provides a 3-D dimensional effect

Courtesy of I Need This In My Life on Facebook

Use on wood, glass, metal, fabric, Pottery, wicker, concrete and laminate. Use indoors or outdoors


The jasmine scented gel stain is ideal for use in creating or refinishing tons of projects.


There are so many colors! They look so dang cool when you combine them into your own creative masterpiece.

It looks completely awesome when the Unicorn Spit penetrates into the wood! You can see all the natural lines, swirls, and designs of the wood pieces.

Make your project as opaque or vibrant as your dreams require. Use as a paint or dilute with water to create a gel, glaze, stain, white wash or antiquing tint


You can turn something simple, into a badass statement piece that will be yours to brag on forever.

You can buy your own Unicorn Spit Stain right from the Amazon website.


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