This Woman Made A Fake Human Lap For Her Needy Cat To Lay On and It Is Brilliant

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Y’all. Does this scene look all too familiar?

Courtesy of junipurr_bonsai on Instagram

If you own a cat, you know how this goes ALL TOO WELL. Ha! Trying to read? NOPE. The cat will sit on your book. Trying to write a letter? NOPE. The cat will sit on the paper. God forbid you try to use your keyboard!


We all LOVE our cats, but sometimes we HAVE to work. Booo! That’s why these GENIUS people have come up with the PERFECT solution.

Courtesy of Rebecca May

Rebecca May and her husband live in London, and they just started working from home. Problem is, they own Ziggy.

Courtesy of Rebecca May

While Ziggy is just about the most cuddly kitty ever, she wasn’t letting the couple actually get any work done.

Courtesy of Rebecca May

Ziggy was CERTAIN that her adults were staying home just to give her more lap space on which to nap.

Courtesy of Rebecca May

To combat this little problem — if you can really call cuddling a cat a problem — the Mays came up with a solution that was purrrfect for both them and Ziggy.

Courtesy of Rebecca May
Courtesy of Rebecca May

They created a fake human lap, complete with pants and shoes! Ha! They even put a warming pad inside the pants, so Ziggy would have a “warm” lap to sit on.

Courtesy of Rebecca May

Win, Win! And, when they have time for kitty snuggles, the May’s just turn off the heating pad, and put the pants away. Bring on the REAL human laps to lounge on!

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