Throw Out Your Pool Noodles Right Now! Snakes Live Inside Them

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Pool Noodles are cool and all, but it also turns out they are a haven for snakes and you need to get rid of them RIGHT NOW.

You know those holes in the middle of your pool noodles? The ones you like shoot water out of at your kids?

Well, according to the Buckeye Police Department in Arizona, they are the perfect place for snakes to hide out.

They also really like laying their eggs inside of them. Which means your pool noodles could be crawling in baby snakes.


Oh, and they really like it in there, too.

From now on in my house it’s pool floats only.

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  1. Suwheet! Time to go buy pool noodles, and I don’t even have a pool (stupid article btw).

  2. Freak occurrence. We have had pool noodles for 20 years, left outside on the deck, in the grass, etc, and never ever had snakes and we are in rattlesnake country. LOL to the 1 picture on FB that shows a hooded cobra; that ain’t gonna happen! Besides, the smell of chlorine would send most snakes running. Ratt;esnakes give birth live and carry their eggs inside them until birth–this egg this can not be true.

  3. Ok that’s a stupid solution to throw it away and waste money on a new one. How about blocking the holes when you are not using it for long period of time. That’s a better way to prevent snakes from making their home in one!