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You Can Add Some Colorful Fun To Your Next Outdoor Event With These Throwable Paintballs

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Paintball fun without the pain? Sounds great to me!


You can get the colorful fun without risking injury with Goblies throwable paintballs!


My best friends and I had a blast with Goblies!! They are totally gentle and pain-free to throw as a “paint fight” which is so much fun. They washed off my skin so easily and I was able to wash off the shirts we used with a normal wash cycle (washed separately just in case). I can’t wait to buy these for my little cousins all summer long!!

JB630 – Product reviewer

That’s not all Goblies has either, they also have play paint goo for water guns!


I would have flipped out to have something like this as a kid!

Heck, I’m mid forty-ish now and I am ready to get down with some of this action with the family!


They do say that you need to wear eye protection and clothing, not that I’m about to go out unclothed…

We already have eye protection on hand because the kids have pellet guns.

Brittany Flareau – Amazon Reviewer

We just used Play Paint Play over the weekend and had an absolute blast. Such an easy activity to plan for a family BBQ or a day of fun with the kids. We loved getting colorful and taking cute pictures. I was amazed at how easily the product rinses off your skin with just water. Memories we will never forget.

Ava1567 – Product reviewer

Both products are available in multiple colors, all of them are very bright and noticable.

The Goblies throwable paint balls come with 40 per package.


You can even use the paint goo for a gender reveal!

The vibrant Goblies paint goo for the water guns comes in 25.3 fl. oz. packages.

Both of these Goblies products are non-toxic and recommended for ages 6 and up with adult supervision.


You can pick them up right now from Michaels or order on Amazon!

Ashleigh Cole – Amazon reviewer

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