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A ‘Tiana’ Series Is Coming To Disney+ And We Are So Ready For it!

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My girls may be teenagers, and I may or may not be an adult… however, that does not end our love of Disney Princesses! In fact, brave is pretty much on repeat over here at our house, yes… she happens to be MY favorite princess!


We are so excited to hear that ‘Tiana’ from ‘The Princess and The Frog’ is coming to Disney Plus with a brand new series of her own! It was officially announced for Disney Plus today!


Moana, Zootopia AND Princess Tiana are getting their own show!? Christmas came early, my heart is so full right now.

@QalcoveArt – Twitter

During an investors’ call today, Disney announced that Princess Tiana from ‘The Princess and the Frog’ will be getting her very own streaming series on Disney Plus! These will be all-new stories and it’s a musical comedy series, our favorite!

We finally getting to see Tiana and Naveen managing their restaurant

@Blizzahra – Twitter

The series is simply titled ‘Tiana’ and will debut on the Disney Plus streaming service in 2022! People are freaking out all over Twitter over how excited they are about this!


There are so many others coming as well! In fact, Disney announced 50 new shows and movies that are coming! You can read about them here!


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