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This Tic Tac Blaster Launches Breath Mints 15 Feet Across The Room

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You can get a gun that fires Tic Tac bullets. Yes, I mean those little breath-freshening candies that come in that little rectangle plastic box.


File this in the “Totally Unnecessary, But I must have It” box.


If you are one of the 57 million viewers of the Dude Perfect YouTube channel, you have undoubtedly seen this gun in action.

Completely unnecessary, but I absolutely love it! Shipped really quickly and works great! A+

Matthew Maquez on Etsy Reviews

On Dude Perfect, the guys have an epic Tic Tac gun battle — and THIS is the actual gun!! Well, I mean, not the ACTUAL gun, but the same gun maker.


This gun will launch Tic Tacs about 10 to 15 feet — which is further than any other Tic Tac gun you will find out there.

Looks great, doesn’t shoot too hard (shot my [hand] and didn’t hurt at all). Definitely going to buy another. Great job!

Miguel Quirindongo on Etsy Reviews

3DCubedPrinting makes these guns — obviously — on a 3D printer. That doesn’t mean they are low quality. On the contrary, these Tic Tac guns are top notch.

We run a fleet of 3D printers in house in order to make more time available for each order. We will never sacrifice quality for time.


With each purchase, you get to choose a primary and secondary color to make your gun personalized and unique.

Seriously, they have more than 30 colors — including Glow In The Dark!!


this thing is awesome. gave it to my teen for Easter. firgured if I’ve gotta give him candy why not let him have fun with it. haha

exqzme1228 on Etsy Reviews

You might think this Tic Tac gun is super expensive, but you would be wrong.


It starts at only $16.50, depending on what colors you decide to get. And, get this. The most expensive one in only $22.50!

You can get your own 3D printed Tic Tac Gun on at the 3DCubedPrinting shop on Etsy.


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