The TikTok App is Coming Preloaded in Cars Starting with Mercedes-Benz

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The Mercedes-Benz is getting another software update and this time, it comes with TikTok.

Specifically regarding the 2024 E-class Mercedes-Benz, you’ll soon be able to scroll through TikTok from your car without having to pull out your phone, of course as long as you’re parked.

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Alongside TikTok, the luxury car will also let you phone-in on important business meetings through video, even if you forgot your laptop at home.

Not to mention Angry Birds will also be available while waiting for mom to come out of the grocery store or if you’d rather take insta-worthy selfies with your passengers, that’s also an option.

Courtesy of @mercedesbenz

However, video calls and taking pictures will only be accessible when the car is stopped, according to Mercedes-Benz.

Courtesy of @mercedesbenz

This specific software will enable apps like TikTok to be accessed without in-car intermediaries such as Apple CarPlay or Android Autoin.

Currently, the TikTok app can only be used to scroll past videos and not make them, however, “Mercedes-Benz is working to make this possible for the customer,” mentioned Andrew Brudnicki, Mercedes spokesman explained in an email to CNN Business.

Mercedes-Benz is also including a downloadable web-browser for the front passenger who will also have the opportunity to have their own touchscreen to tap and scroll with.

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The new Mercedes-Benz model has technology equipped to decrease potential driver distractions and will even be able to tell how often and for how long the individual driving has looked at the dashboard’s touchscreen.

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz AG

Plus, although passengers will have access to view videos, listen to music, and browse the Internet while the car is moving, their touchscreen also has the ability to dim if need be.

Courtesy of @mercedesbenz

And let’s not forget about the other features included in the new Benz such as interior lightening modes, climate control, learning the driver’s specific preferences, and much more.

Courtesy of @mercedesbenz

However, the current price for the 2024 E-class Mercedes-Benz is not yet set.

Courtesy of @mercedesbenz

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