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This Tiny Bat Can Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand And Looks Like A Fluffy Cotton Ball!

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When most people think of bats, they think of darkness and evil. But take the time to learn what bats actually do and also, look at how cute some of them are!

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The Ectophylla alba bat is a miniature tropical bat. It’s also known as the ‘Honduran White Bat’ and the ‘Caribbean Tent-Making Bat’.


These tiny bats are not easy to find. They live in rainforest habitats throughout Honduras to Eastern Panama.


The ‘Caribbean Tent-Making Bat’ name comes from how the bat’s shelter themselves.


They chew the leaves of the heliconia plants to form a tent to shelter under during the day.


These bats are like white cotton balls with bright yellowish-orange ears and noses. Cute little puff balls!


Some may wonder what causes the bright yellow coloring of the ears and nose. This is because they are the only known mammals with an accumulation of carotenoid pigment.


They are so small that they weigh around 6 grams, that is about the weight of 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of sugar! Their wingspan is about 10 cm making them one of the smallest bats in the world.


These are fruit-eating bats, no need to think of the giant vampire bats we have always feared. I think they’re adorable!

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