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A Tiny Buc-ee’s Has Popped Up In West Texas And It’s Time For A Road Trip

A teeny tiny Buc-ee’s pop up has been spotted in West Texas, and it looks like it might be time for a road trip!!

Have you been to Buc-ee’s? I am obsessed. I had been hearing about the wonders of Buc-ee’s, but I wasn’t able to experience it for myself until I visited Texas this summer.

The place is like nothing you have ever been to. It’s part gas station, part convenience store, part fast food restaurant, and part department store.

I’m not even joking. It is everything.

Ever since our inception in 1982, we have been committed to providing a clean, friendly, and in stock experience for our customers. Regardless of where you may find us, if the store is big or small, near or far, the mission remains the same.


Want a soda? They probably have it on tap. Want a chopped barbecue sandwich? Yep, they have it. Want the coveted Beaver Nuggets? Of course, they have it. Want some Texas art? You got it. Need an outfit for the road? Stop on in. Are you wanting something cool for your kitchen? Sure thing!! Have to go to the bathroom? Hold out for a Bucc-ee’s — they are huge and pristine!

And, a stop at Buc-ee’s wouldn’t be complete without getting one of their pecan pralines. YUM!! My favorite!!

Now, usually the Buc-ee’s stores are GINORMOUS. They are literally as big as a department store you would visit in the mall.

You Have To Check Out This Tiny Buc-ee’s Storefront That Popped Up In West Texas.

BUT, a pop-up — about as big as a bathroom — has been spotted in Marathon, Texas.

Now, I’m betting they don’t have their famous wall of sodas or barbecue sandwiches. In fact, it might just be a photo op — but it’s super cool!!

According to [artist, Matt] Tumlinson, the facade is located 20 miles east of Marathon on the way to the town to Sanderson and/or by driving toward Marfa ahead of the the split between Alpine or I-10.

Secret Dallas

It’s worth a road trip just to get a photo in front of the tiny Buc-ee’s storefront!

Nobody has any clue where the tiny Buc-ee’s came from. But, I’d like to personally thank whomever created this tiny pop-up! This is freaking awesome!!