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This Toothpaste Dispenser Hack Is A Game Changer For Teeth Brushing Time

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Y’all. This just might be the smartest hack I’ve ever seen.

If you have kids — or a husband — you know that the toothpaste situation is REAL.

It is all over the counter, all over the mirror, glopped in the sink, on my son’s shirts.

I’ve even cleaned it off the floor.

And then, there’s the mangled tube of toothpaste. Heaven forbid we squeeze anywhere near the bottom.

BUT, there is a hack for your toothpaste that fixes most of the toothpaste disasters.

This hack is actually really smart, and super easy.

Toothpaste Hack

Get yourself an empty hand soap dispenser from the store. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

You can find these cute plastic soap dispenser bottles from Amazon for 14 bucks.


Now, you’re going to unscrew the lid — that’s the hardest part.

Next, squeeze your ENTIRE tube of toothpaste into the empty bottle. You’re going to need 2 to 3 tubes of toothpaste to fill the soap dispenser.

Get some Listerine — or other mouthwash — and add about 2 tablespoons to the toothpaste to thin it out a little.

Finally, get that lid and screw it back on.

Voila. Pump it.

Out comes a little stream of toothpaste. No mess, no fuss.

Pro-Tip: Although you can get some really cute glass bottles, if you have kids, you probably want to stick with the plastic. It’s easy to clean, and won’t break when they, inevitably, drop the toothpaste dispenser on the floor.

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