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Trader Joe’s Is Selling A $2 Bottle of Dill Pickle Mustard And I’m On My Way

When it comes to condiments on a burger, I have to have mustard and pickles!

Now imagine if someone combined the two flavors into one… well, Trader Joe’s done did it and I have to go get some!

???? ???? ?? ?????? Dill ➕ Mustard ???.

char_nolan – Instagram

I love all mustard, but this will most likely become my new favorite because it takes my two favorite condiments and combines them together.

NEW DILL PICKLE MUSTARD $1.69 Okay Trader Joe’s, I am 100% here for #picklepooza. This mustard will take my sandwiches and burgers to the next level! I can not wait to pick this up and sample it! Are you a mustard fan? How excited are you for this new dill pickle addition?!

traderjoeslist – Instagram

If that price is the price everywhere, then I just got a little more excited because I don’t want to pay a fortune for my condiments either.

Trader Joe’s

This would be the perfect addition to potato salad, and deviled eggs, right?

I think I would skip using this on the watermelon mustard trend, well… I dunno, it could be the bomb but I don’t think I’m that brave.

Trader Joe’s Dill Pickle Mustard couples the savory versatility of mustard with the snappy, herbaceous kick of a well-dilled pickle via the addition of natural pickle flavoring, dill weed, and actual diced-up pickle pieces.

Product Description

You can pick up this Dill Pickle Mustard at your local Trader Joe’s for about $1.69 for a 9 oz bottle!


Trader Joe’s

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