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Trader Joe’s Has $5 Mini Hanging Plants And I’m Obsessed

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Trader Joe’s has the CUTEST little — mini if you will — hanging plants, and I want at LEAST three of them!!

It’s no secret. As much as I would like to grow all the green things, I kill them all. Dead.

Bought a tomato plant. Dead. Bought some miscellaneous herbs. Dead. Eggplant? Thing didn’t last one week.

I even invested a ton of money into the succulent craze. You can’t kill those, right? WRONG. Dead.

But, right now, Trader Joe’s has these mini hanging plants that you can hang right in your window, and they are so cheap — it almost doesn’t matter that I kill all the green things I touch.

Now, Trader Joe’s is my usual go-to for the cool plants — they always have the BEST selection of quirky little plants to go around the house.

I have gone every year to feel out the plant life at the front of their store, and they never disappoint.

I have bought ALL KINDS of little succulent plants there. I also bought this crispy wave plant that is supposed to purify the air. It was all kinds of cool.

Of course, it ended up as compost, just like all my other gorgeous greenery, but it was pretty while it lasted!

In case you think Trader Joe’s is the problem when it comes to my deceased plants, I don’t discriminate — I kill all plants equally.

Luckily, these mini hanging plants at Trader Joe’s are cheap enough that I can practice my greenery nurturing on a few, and it won’t break the bank.

When I say these plants are “cheap,” what I mean is they are super affordable.

Like, one hanging plant will set you back less than 5 bucks — you really can’t beat that!!

Each one comes in a small white ceramic pot — much like the small succulent plants they had last year.

They are hung with a rustic rope twine, and they also have a little metal hanging hook — no need to head to home depot to hang these cuties!

The ONE feature I wish these planters had are holes at the bottom of the ceramic so you don’t overwater these cute babies.

If anyone were to overwater them, it would be ME — but drilling a few holes in the bottom of the ceramic pot would help immensely when it comes to not waterlogging the plants.

You can get your own mini hanging plants at Trader Joes for less than $5. Go pick one or five up today!!

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