Trader Joe’s Is Selling $2 Bags of Pink Lemons That Are Actually Pink Inside

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Pink makes EVERYTHING better! Apparently, that includes lemons, too!

That’s correct. PINK Lemons have been spotted at Trader Joe’s. I’m not talking about Pink Lemonade. I’m talking about ACTUAL, FACTUAL Pink Lemons!!

Courtesy of traderjoesobsessed on Instagram

Here’s a little secret for you — Pink Lemonade isn’t actually makd from Pink Lemons. Ha! It’s it’s just a lemon and sugar water mix that has been dyed pink. Mind blown, right?!?

Pink Lemons are actually a fruit that is yellow on the outside, but PINK on the inside — sort of like a grapefruit.


They start out as a yellow and green striped fruit, but as they mature, they turn into a solid yellow-skinned lemon.

These Pink Lemons taste like a regular lemon. Well, kind of. Some people think they aren’t QUITE as tart. I still bet they would be DANG good mixed into water or unsweet iced tea — just like I like it!

The Pink Lemon bag says that these lemons are excellent in cocktails, marinades, desserts, salads, and as a garnish.

Courtesy of traderjoesobsessed on Instagram

They won’t give your creation a VIBRANT pink color, but they would still look pretty cool garnishing a fun adult beverage!

You can get these Pink Lemons at Trader Joe’s. They are about $1.69 a bag, and there are three lemons per bag. I have GOT to try them!

You could TOTALLY substitute Pink Lemons in this Pomegranate Lemonade recipe! It would make the drink all matchy-matchy, and super good!

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