Trader Joes is Selling a 1-Pound Tres Leches Cake and People Are Obsessed

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Obsessed may be an understatement…


As you know, Trader Joes is the place to go when you want something sweet but also on the healthier side of things and this week is no exception.


People are finding that Trader Joes is selling a Tres Leches Cake and people are so obsessed, they are just wishing the cake itself was bigger.


The Trader Joes Tres Leches Cake is described as a Latin America inspired sponge cake soaked with 3 milks and topped with whipped cream.

The cake itself does come frozen so if you want to enjoy it right away, you’ll have to let it thaw for 2-3 hours.


Once thawed, you can top it off with some cinnamon, chocolate shavings or fresh berries and enjoy.


People all over are saying this is delicious and their only complaint is that they wish there was more cake in the package!

I mean, it is 1-pound of cake and it’s still not enough so that says just how good it is.


If you are lucky enough to find this cake in store, you may want to stock up and grab a few. Just saying.

They are priced at $7.99 each depending on location.


Oh and I think this would be perfect for Cinco De Mayo!

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