Trader Joe’s is Selling Ube Spread That Will Be your Kryptonite

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One word: UBE.


Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock because until today, I had no idea what UBE even was but apparently, it’s like really good.

It is so good in fact, people are going CRAZY over the fact that Trader Joe’s just released UBE spread.


Oh and it doesn’t stop there – – Trader Joe’s also has UBE Ice Cream, UBE Cookies and even UBE pancake mix.


What is UBE?

Ube is a purple yam that is native to the Philippines and is related to orange sweet potatoes. It has a slightly nutty, vanilla taste making it sweet.


According to the Trader Joe’s description of the Ube spread, it is delicious on pastries, pancakes, ice cream and more.

Trader Joe’s version is made with puréed ube, butter, cream, coconut cream, sugar, sea salt, and a bit of purple carrot juice to give it that extra purple color.


And if you love sweetness and the color purple, this looks perfect for you.


You can find the Ube Spread at Trader Joe’s now along with several other Ube products.

They even have Ube pretzels!!


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