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‘Thrashed Apple’ Is The Newest Mountain Dew Flavor And I Can’t Wait To Try It

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It’s not very often that I partake in drinking a Mountain Dew, it’s SO sweet and has become one of those once in awhile type things for me.

But, when something new is coming out, I have this need to try it because I’m curious and also just because I deserve something tasty too.

The new flavor of Mountain Dew is called Thrashed Apple and I really can’t wait to give it a try.

Lance Shelton – Twitter

The description on the bottle reads:

DEW Charged with Crisp Apple.

Bottle wording

Now, apples make me think fall, so I was assuming that this would be released in the fall.

However, according to @LanceShelto on Twitter, who was given a bottle from “a VP of Pepsi,” posted to Twitter that it would be “in select limited stores in 3 weeks”.

But, then there is a Reddit user that said that the new drink is releasing the week of September 9th, 2021…

Posted by u/jerbilegit2 Supernova

So maybe it will be soon, maybe it will be later? I’m not sure, but I’ll keep my eyes open for it!

Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple should be available in 20-ounce bottles and 12-ounce cans.

If you see it in stores soon, let us know so we can track it down too!

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