Trix Trolls Cereal Is Here Complete With Swirled Marshmallows

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I was SUPER excited to see THIS cereal at the store! This is the Trix Cereal mashup I didn’t know I needed, but am tickled Poppy PINK that it’s here.

Courtesy of Walmart

Trix Cereal now has a Trix Trolls World Tour cereal — and there are Marshmallows. I’m not saying that sounds awesome, but OMG!

It has crazy, almost psychedelic Trix cereal pieces — WITH Trixed Out MARSHMALLOWS that are just begging to be in my bowl.

I don’t want you to think I’d buy this box of Trix Trolls World Tour Cereal JUST because there are Trolls on the box — Who am I kidding, I totally would!

It doesn’t matter WHY I buy this box of cereal, what matters is that it is AMAZING! I mean, what’s not to like?

Fruity cereal, the Trix rabbit, marshmallows, trolls — I may be in serious infatuation with my cereal.

We’ve even lost the Trix fruity shapes, and are taking it old-school retro with the ROUND Trix shapes. 80’s babies everywhere just sent up a shout of nostalgic joy!

Trolls World Tour, the movie, comes to theaters in April, and I am crazy excited to see what the Trolls universe brings us the second time around!

I’m going to grab my Trix cereal, and shove it in my mouth, while I binge watch Trolls World Tour trailers!

You can get the Trix Trolls Cereal Here.

Catch one of the trailers below. Doesn’t it look Totally The Bomb?

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