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Tropicana Is Kicking Off Summer Right With New Island-Inspired Juices and I Call Dibs On The Pina Colada

It’s almost time for all that summer fun, and Tropicana is showing up to the party with four new island-inspired drinks — and they look delicious!


I love Tropicana juices ANY day of the week, but I just might lose my mind over these new flavors.

They are bringing us Caribbean Sunset, Summer Berry Bliss, Strawberry Kiwi Sunrise, and — SURE to be favorite — Piña Colada!

These kid-friendly juice beverages have the look of an adult beverage, but they are completely alcohol free — making them simply PERFECT for any summertime get together.

You might be wondering exactly what some of the juices taste like.

The Caribbean Sunset Tropicana juice has the flavors of oranges, pineapples, and cherries — GET IN MY BELLY!!


Summer Berry Bliss tastes just like a blueberry and a blackberry had a baby, and this sweet juice was the result.


The Strawberry Kiwi Sunrise juice, as you might guess, tastes like strawberry and kiwi with just a touch of sweetness.


AND, the Piña Colada tastes just like it sounds — all that pineapple and coconut goodness in a tasty non-alcoholic flavor.


Now, if you adults want to add a little Rum to the mix, I won’t judge — I’ll probably do the same!

These tasty Tropicana juice beverages come in big 52 ounce bottles for $2.79.


You can also get the Caribbean Sunset juice and Summer Berry Bliss juice in 12-ounce bottles for $1.79 a piece.


If you have a hard time finding the beverages, you might try Food Lion, Albertsons, HyVee, Meijer, Harris Teeter, Giant Eagle, and ShopRite — they have been officially spotted at these stores.

You can also find a select variety at Walmart, but you just have to cross your fingers and look.

Here’s to a tasty summer!!