Tru Fru Just Released Real Dried Strawberries Coated in White Chocolate For The Ultimate Sweet Snack

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What’s better than fruit?

Fruit that’s dipped in chocolate or white chocolate of course.

Thanks to Tru Fru, the brand has taken the romantic Valentine’s day snack and has done the work for you by conveniently coating not only strawberries, but several other fruits in chocolate.m

Although, you should know that plain chocolate isn’t the only option you can choose from even though the company is notoriously known for their fruits covered in chocolate.

Courtesy of Walmart

In fact, their latest creation may even better than their chocolate covered fruits.

Sorry chocolate lovers.

Courtesy of Walmart

What’s dubbed their Hyper Dried Real Strawberries in White Crème Chocolate, this strawberry bag packs 16 ounces of hyper dried strawberries immersed in white creme chocolate.

And just a heads up before I continue, you’re drooling a little.

Courtesy of Walmart

Featuring real strawberries smothered in white chocolate, this strawberry bunch is the perfect summer snack to sit outside with.

Just picture it, rocking back and forth on your favorite wooden chair, watching the sunset, and eating something sweet while it’s not hot, but just the right temperature outside.

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

You can currently find Tru Fru’s Hyper Dried Real Strawberries in White Crème Chocolate at Walmart or Sam’s Club!

Courtesy of Walmart

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