These Yellow and Blue Tulips Were Made to Honor Ukraine and Named the “Tulip Ukraine”

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Spring is here and while many are busy planting gardens and flowers, others are busy creating beautiful tributes to Ukraine.

A Dutch florist has created a beautiful version of blue and yellow tulips in honor of Ukraine. 

In case you’re wondering, the Ukraine flag’s colors are blue and yellow thus the colors of the flowers.


These gorgeous two-toned flowers were created by Hoven & de Mooij BV, a flower shop in the Netherlands.


The florist named these “Tulipa Ukraine” and while many want to grow their own flowers in support of Ukraine, these were actually dyed (painted) not grown.

So, unfortunately, you can’t just grow these.

In March, the shop shared photos of two additional flowers that had been painted blue and yellow, and posted the message:

“Our thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine. God bless and stay strong!”

Hoven & de Mooij bv

If you want to dye your own flowers, you could use white tulips and then use food coloring. This is a great tutorial on how to do it.

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