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Turn an Old Shirt into a Toddler Skirt

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I love taking old, unusable items and giving them a new life. It’s all part of being green and helping keep things out of the landfill that don’t really need to be there. Today, I decided to Turn an Old Shirt into a Toddler Skirt as a fun upcycling project.

no sew skirt for baby pin

Now, for those of you who love easy projects, this is totally IT. This no-sew toddler skirt is adorable and took me almost no-time.

What You Need to Turn an Old Shirt into a Toddler Skirt

  • Safety Pin
  • 2 mommy-sized tank tops or shirts (I used tank tops because I NEVER wear them–I’m not sure why I even own them)
  • Good Pair of Scissors
  • Clean working surface.

how to make a no-sew toddler skirt from a t-shirt feature

How to Turn an Old Shirt into a Toddler Skirt

  1. Wash the shirts using Green Works Laundry soap and use Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner (sponsor) to clean-up your kitchen table before you get started (working on a sticky, messy table SUCKS!).
  2. Cut off bottom 6″ of the first tank top.
  3. Cut 1″ – 1.5″ strips up to hem of first tank top bottom. DO NOT CUT THE HEM.
  4. Cut a slit in the hem of the first tank top bottom on the side or center–wherever you want the “bow” to be.
  5. Cut off bottom 12″ of the back of the second tank top.
  6. Trim-off hem of second tank top bottom back.
  7. Cut second tank top bottom back into 1″ – 1.5″ strips. You’ll need at least an equal number of strips as you have on the first tank top. I wanted double that number, so I cut-out more strips from other parts of the t-shirt until the second shirt was no more.
  8. Cut off neckline of the second tank top at hem edge.
  9. Attach safety pin to one end of the second tank top’s un-attached neckline.
  10. Thread safety pin through the hem of the first tank top bottom, dragging it through all the way until it comes out the other side. Until you’ve completed the next step, it might be a good idea to pin both ends, just so you don’t lose it.
  11. Tie each of the second tank top’s strips to the hem of the skirt, between each of the strips still attached to the hem.
  12. Remove safety pin and tie knots in ends of string.
  13. Put that skirt on that toddler and let her run free!

old t-shirt into a toddler skirt

I’d really love to hear about your great upcycling idea. Just remember, before you get started, there are three ways to clean your upcycling project the green way:

  • Greenworks Laundry Detergent.
  • Greenworks Cleaning Wipes.
  • Greenworks All-Purpose Spray Cleaner.

For more upcycling inspiration, check out this upcycling video!

Special thanks for sponsoring this post goes to Current Lifestyle Marketing and The Clorox Company, for its Green Works brand. Check them out on all your regular social channels via #EarthDay and #GreenDIY.

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