Twizzlers Brought Back Their Orange Creamsicle Flavor and I’m Stocking Up

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When I think of summer flavors, oranges and cream are one of the best mixtures in my opinion.

It’s citrus, refreshing taste is JUST what I need in the heat of summer. So when I hear of any item getting a creamsicle flavor, I get excited!


Twizzlers is best known for their strawberry flavored licorice, they have experimented with many flavors over the years.


I, myself, have always been a fan of their watermelon flavor! But I am a sucker for watermelon flavored items. Their Blue Raspberry flavor was pretty fantastic too!


But one of the limited time flavors that many fans have been begging to come back, is the Creamsicle flavor. And for good reason. It is delicious!


The “Orange Cream Pop” has been sighted in stores already so you better get your hands on some pretty quick! You can also skip searching for them in-stores and get a double pack on Amazon here.


With an orange flavor on the outside, and cream on the inside, it really is a treat. The cream in the middle makes it much softer than the original Twizzlers. It is truly perfection!


The original packaging from last year, as shown above, has been updated and is now fresh, new, and exciting!

So be sure to check your local grocery store or even online and grab some while you can. Bring a little summer joy to your home during this time!

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