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You Can Get A Giant Two Person Pool Float That Even Has a Spot to Hold a Bowl of Snacks

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They say you shouldn’t swim right after you’ve eaten, but does the same rule apply while only laying on an inflatable pool float?

Thanks to Amazon, you can now get an inflatable pool float that lets you have your cake and eat it at the swimming pool.

Thanks to the convenient space that’s large enough to hold your bowl of snacks, this blowup pool float allows you to eat and swim at the pool.

And considering you’re not swimming but rather only floating on the water, it’s safe to say there’s really no rule breaking going on here.

Courtesy of Amazon

An inflatable that’s as blue as the ocean, this pool float not only has a space specifically designed to hold a bowl of snacks, but it also features a separate cup holder to hold smoothies or even mocktails.

With enough space to fit two people to lay comfortably, this inflatable also includes a headrest to achieve the ultimate relaxation during your time in the sun.

Although if you prefer to nix the pillow to fully extend your legs, the headrest is also removable.

Courtesy of Amazon

So grab a friend and have a movie night on the water because there’s more than enough room for blankets and popcorn on the raft too!

And if it wasn’t already clear, this inflatable might just be the pool float of the summer season.

Courtesy of Amazon

Not to mention the entire float only takes five minutes to inflate.

So you can get in the pool and dip your toes in the water in no time.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can currently find the inflatable pool float to add to your swimming pool online at Amazon!

And don’t mind me, but I’ll be looking for my wallet.

Courtesy of Amazon

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