You Can Now Get Uncrustables Filled With Taco Meat and BBQ Chicken

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Uncrustables is giving off some serious Empanada vibes with one of their new products you guys!

Their classic PB and J isn’t the only sandwich on the menu anymore.

The company has definitely stepped out of their comfort zone and I like to see the confidence!

This just might be the perfect add-on to put in your kids lunch and it’s certainly less time consuming if you’re running late for work!

Introducing Uncrustables Taco Bites, BBQ Chicken Bites and Turkey and Ham Roll Ups!

Now here’s the thing, Uncrustables didn’t just step into a new sandwich making territory, they dominated!

Let me further explain, the company has introduced four new sandwiches.

Starting with the Taco Bites, the quick bite is filled with Beef crumble, Cheese, Salsa, and Taco seasoning.

The BBQ Chicken sandwich is stuffed with white meat Chicken and Barbecue sauce.

How incredibly yummy does that sound, especially the Beef taco?!?!

Now turning the page to their new roll ups. We have the Turkey & Colby Jack and Uncured Ham & Cheddar Roll-Up. Both include a surprise add-on of Neufchâtel cheese in both of these sandwiches.

Courtesy of @foodiewiththebeasts

Now is it wrong to be eating Uncrustables as an adult? Because this sounds like dinner to me, bon appétit! My roommate is going to get a kick out of dinner night when its my turn to cook next week!

Looks like people are finding these at Target for $3.99 a box and I’ll be heading there soon!

Courtesy of @foodiewiththebeasts

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