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Target Is Selling Unicorn Funfetti Cake Mix And Frosting and It Is Magical

What is more magical than sugar covered rainbows and unicorns? The answer is, NOTHING! That’s why we totally freaked out when we saw THIS sitting right on the baking aisle at Target!

OMG! Pillsbury Funfetti Unicorn Cake Mix AND Unicorn Funfetti Frosting! I am totally girly crushing right now. SQWEE! Unicorns, Rainbows, and Sugar — Oh, My!

The cake is dang STRAWBERRY cake mix. First of all — yum! Not only that, it has rainbow candy polka dots speckled throughout the mix.

What can make life any better? UNICORN FUNFETTI FROSTING, that’s what! This is a vanilla frosting, with colorful confetti — FUNFETTI — to sprinkle right on top.

Grab a spoon! I could eat this creamy vanilla frosting right out of the can.

Look at that magical Funfetti mix!! Lavender, blue, and pink sprinkles. Yellow stars. Pink and purple unicorns! I need to make a cake right now, so I can top it with this magical mix.

All I can say is, yum! I am in Unicorn heaven.

You can get this rainbow unicorn magic right at Target. I won’t even tell if you don’t want to wait for a special occasion to make this cake. Go ahead and make it just because it’s your favorite day of the week!

FYI this isn’t available online right now so head in-store to get it!

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