This Uno Game Is All About Unicorns For The Unicorn Lover In Your Life

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My daughter is twelve years old, so by default, she is OBSESSED with all things unicorn.

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She is also obsessed with games, which makes this Unocorn — see what they did there — game at the TOP of her ‘I Must Have It’ list.

You play this game just like a traditional Uno games, but instead of boring red, blue, green, and yellow cards, all the cards have unicorns on them.

This fun Unocorn game has 112 cards, plus the instructions — which includes variations of gameplay to make this card game even more interesting.

Just like regular Uno, you can play this game with as few as two people, and as many as ten people! How great would this be for a unicorn lover’s party game?!?

Who doesn’t love the mystery and magic surrounding unicorns? UNO corns Card Game is the matching game you love, but it also features delightful images these mystical creatures—in bright, vivid colors.


Of course, you CAN’T forget to yell ‘UNO’ when you get down to one card. The goal is to be the first player to get rid of ALL your cards before all the other players.

If you LOVE games, and LOVE unicorns, this game is definitely one you will want to pick up! You may get it right from Amazon.

You also HAVE to check out this Unicorn Taco Holder. It makes eating PURE MAGIC. It is also the ONLY way my kids will eat tacos.

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