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UPS Is Hiring 100,000 Seasonal Workers For The Upcoming Holiday Season with Wages Up to $30 An Hour

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UPS says it is hiring 100,000 seasonal workers for the upcoming holiday season, and you really need to JUMP on this deal!

Depending what location you are in, and the type of job you are hired for, your pay could be upwards of $30.

Not too shabby for extra Christmas money, huh?!?


Get this — you may not even have to interview to be accepted for a job!

According to NBC News, UPS has streamlined their hiring procedures. You just apply online, and you could be an official UPS employee in about 25 minutes.

I’ve never, ever tried my hand at procuring a job so easily!

Nearly 80% of seasonal positions do not require an interview.


This sure beats applying for that retail position at the mall paying minimum wage for seasonal workers.

UPS’s strength has always been our people, and we are excited about the opportunity to welcome new UPSers to our team as we deliver what matters for our customers this holiday season.


The packaging company says that it will be hiring for positions package handlers, delivery drivers, driver helpers, and tractor trailer drivers.

They are currently hiring for part-time AND full-time seasonal help in multiple locations and across multiple shifts.

I bet you could find one of those positions that you wouldn’t mind doing for a couple months to earn a little Christmas cash.

Looking for a more permanent job? 35,000 Seasonal UPS employees were hired on as full-time workers after LAST holiday season.

So, your side gig could easily turn into your main gig! You just have to show up and do the work. No prob!

A full-time UPS package delivery driver makes an average of $95,000 per year, plus an additional $50,000 in contributions to health, wellness and pension benefits.


If this sounds like something that you would like to pursue, you simply have to go to the UPS site and apply.

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