Apparently You’ve Been Using Dishwasher Pods Wrong Your Entire Life

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Throwing your dirty plates in the dishwasher sounds easy enough after a full meal that leaves you too stuffed to hand wash them yourself.

Although it turns out we’ve been stuffing the dishwasher wrong for years!

And if you use dishwasher pods instead of the liquid gel to clean your plates at night, here’s why you may be cleaning your silverware and plates wrong before running the washer.

Thanks to TikToker @reetregina who shared a video that has gone viral on the social media platform, the 15 second video currently has over 200k likes and 9 million views for one specific reason.

Courtesy of @reetregina

And that’s demonstrating the correct way to put dishwasher pods inside your dishwasher!

Courtesy of @reetregina

If you typically put your pod inside the square compartment where the gel is usually poured, apparently you’ve been using the small pods incorrectly.

The video continues to show that the very pod you use to clean your dishes should be tossed at the bottom of your dishwasher rather than placed on the inside compartment that locks for the liquid gel.

Courtesy of @reetregina

Apparently throwing your dishwasher pods at the bottom of your dishwasher results in a more effective dishwashing cycle!

Mind blown, right?!

Courtesy of @reetregina

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