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This Vet Hospital Brings The Best Dad Jokes Every Single Week So Get Ready To Chuckle

They say laughter is the BEST medicine, and it’s true. Sometimes we just need something simple in our lives that makes us chuckle.

There is a vet in NC that totally gets this, and I’m betting it is owned by a dad — because they have the best dad-iest jokes around.

Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital, in Holly Ridge, NC, has taken the town — and the internet — by storm!

Every week, they change the sign that is right outside their doors, and it really has become something that people actually wait to see.

It’s not like the sign is super special, or inspiring, or gives life-altering information. It simply tells a new corny joke every week, and people love it!!

We thought it would be a good way to put a smile on our clients faces while also connecting to our community. Also wanted something that would attract people as they drove by the clinic while also making them giggle a little.

Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital to Newsweek

And, it most definitely puts a smile on everyone’s face!!

They have even started posting their weekly sign to Facebook, so everyone in Facebookland can have at least one good weekly giggle.

They typically change the sign once a week, and Dr. Dante Martin and hospital manager Linda Martin are the ones who brainstorm these hilarious (okay, maybe hilarious is far reaching, but definitely chuckle-worthy) dad-esque jokes.

It really does at a touch of needed laughter to the week, and gives a moment of reprieve from the mundaneness that life sometimes has to offer.

You know what else makes me smile? Sure, they post their weekly giggle (or sometimes *eyeroll*) signs to their Facebook page. BUT, as you are scrolling to see the funny signs, you also see adorable pictures of soft and fluffy fur babies.

It will make your day!!

You can get your OWN weekly laughs by going to the Holly Hills Veterinary Hospital Facebook page.

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